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Our experienced team of professionals at Brian's Holmes Sewer & Drain can diagnose your plumbing issue and determine the most appropriate and cost effective action necessary to solve your sewer and drain problem. 


This is the traditional means of sewer and drain cleaning. Also referred to as "snaking" a drain. Most common form of drain cleaning for any line.

our hydro jetting machine in action
Worker milling
A newer technique designed for tougher clogs such as scale build up or pipes that are almost completely clogged. Milling is used when appropriate which is determined by the type of clog, type of pipe, and condition of the pipe. Can be done on most common sized lines.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a method of drain cleaning that uses a high-pressure hose with specialized nozzles to blast water through a drain pipe to remove debris and obstructions and to clean the inside surfaces of the pipe. Usually used for larger drain lines and main sewers.

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Better Living Through Cleaner Pipes

Using cameras, drain cleaning techniques, and locating equipment, our drain specialists will locate and remove obstructions in your sewer and drain lines with expertise.

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