Masterful Drain Services in Lincoln, NE

Take a deep dive into your pipes with the help of Brian's Holmes Sewer & Drain’s advanced video inspection services. Our drain specialists use the industry’s best tools to provide you with highly accurate information about any potential problems in your home’s water systems. When you need to know exactly how well your drains are working, our Lincoln, NE, drain service team is here for you.

Sewer Line Video Inspections

Brian's Holmes Sewer & Drain provides accurate sewer and drain line camera inspections to help diagnose the root cause of your plumbing problem. Camera Inspections allow us to properly determine what's happening throughout your pipes, such as root intrusion, misaligned pipes, cracks, punctures, or blockages. Camera Inspections can also be beneficial in buying a new home. Many times your average home inspection when buying does not include inspection of your main sewer line, potentially leaving you with unforeseen repairs or replacements down the road. 

technician using CCTV to see inside of a pipe

Non-Intrusive Solutions

Our high-quality inspection services are entirely non-intrusive and non-damaging to your home’s water and plumbing systems. We take pride in the fact that we provide excellent drain services to our customers and that we’ll dependably and affordably diagnose any problems without adding to them.

Save Some Scratch

Before you schedule a drain cleaning or another service call with us, have our drain specialists come out to your home or business to provide a video inspection. This can save you a few bucks by determining whether or not you need service and exactly what service your pipes need.

Call the Experts Today

If your pipes are suffering from regular clogging even after a drain cleaning service, call Brian's Holmes Sewer & Drain. 

Our drain service specialists are standing by to schedule a fast and affordable appointment with you, and we look forward to helping you get to the bottom of your drainage problems soon.

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"I highly recommend Holmes Sewer & Drain. I had an issue that wasn't an emergency, but I called Brian and he came out within two hours. He had the equipment on hand to diagnose the problem and fix it. Very professional and personable. When he left the work area was very clean and he explained to me what he had done and what we would need to do next if the issue persisted (it hasn't). When I received his bill it was very reasonable."

Chris Kortum